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The present rules of procedure is an integral part of the lease for a student in the residence "Casa la Cantus" located in the General Jacqueslaan 191, 1050 Ixelles. It is signed by both parties when signing the lease. The tenant agrees to the contents of the regulations and acknowledges knowing it.

I. Order and cleanliness in the room

  1. Each student maintains his rented room including his medical privative space and the inside of the windows.
    Every two months an external cleaning company will perform a thorough cleaning of all rooms and common areas.
  2. There should not be hung on the sink elements or supported.
  3. There are no interior changes such as repainting the rooms.
  4. Use tape to hang posters on the walls. Any heavier posters can be hung with a small nail and in consultation with the landlord.
  5. The windows are all equipped with ventilation possibility by turning and tipping. Please use this mechanisms with respec t
  6. Cooking in rooms is prohibited.
  7. Placing an additional small fridge in the hotel room is allowed.
  8. When using the toilets it is forbidden to flush sanitary napkins in the toilet.
  9. If it is determined that the ban was ignored when problems occur, all repair costs are borne by the tenant as a result of the misuse
  10. Each room features a bell and intercom. The namecards are made by the landlord in the right place and in the right form. The tenant is not allowed to replace them with any sticker, text or other notes on the mailboxes or bell panels.
  11. At the end of the contract, the room to be polished thoroughly. If this is not done or does not comply,  a flat fee of € 200 will be carried out.
  12. Pets are not allowed

II. Order and cleanliness in the use of common areas, kitchens, basements:

  1. Everyone is to tidy and clean up after using the kitchen so that students after him/hem will be able to use it just as pleasant. If it is determined that this does not comply, it will be decided to use an outside cleaning firm pro rata payment per floor.
  2. The communal kitchens, refrigerators and other kitchen appliances are available to the students. There is ample space provided in the refrigerators and freezers per person to use.
  3. Each tenant also has a kitchen for material and food. The area is only accessible to tenants. No visitors are allowed in the communal kitchen.
  4. Respect for the furniture, proper use of equipment and daily cleaning of tables and sinks not only make it pleasant for the other fellow students, but will also keep any maintenance to a minimum. If regular dirty dishes remains of the table, countertops, sinks, etc. shall not be cleaned or fridges are not regular cleaned and maintained, etc. the owner has the full right to appeal to carry out this maintenance by a cleaning service at the expense of each tenant on the floor. A perfect hygiene and fear of cockroaches, ants and other pests are in the best interest for everyone, including the tenants!
  5. The waste / PMD / glass garbage is sorted, each tenant undertakes its own garbage from the room and the communal kitchen in the garbage for that purpose to deposit in the space provided (basement level). Placing waste and garbage in the hallways or on terraces is prohibited.
  6. The landlord takes care of the organization and collection of this garbage. Putting it outside is done through a rotation on the collection days provided.

III. General

  1. The bicycles are parked in the storage provided, not outside against the wall. Close them well, the landlord can not be held responsible for theft or damage to bicycles. Stalling mopeds and / or motorized bicycles is prohibited by the fire insurance and municipal regulations.
  2. The tenant commits to keap the peace and quiet in the house. Parties and loud music do not belong here. Visitation in the room is allowed, although overnight prohibited.
  3. There is a TOTAL ban on smoking in all the dorm.
  4. If there is smoke, the automatic fire system is activated. All costs including police and firemen will be payed by the violators.
  5. These rules should be lived by the tenants and visitors of tenants strictly and with with respect for the neighbours and other tenants. Tenants who are not generally respectful and  will be prohibited access to the student after the first written notice.
  6. If keys are lost, a duplicate can be requested to the landlord at a cost. For security reasons, never place another cilinder in a lock

Fire safety

  1. When there's a storm and / or thunder, it is advised to remove plugs of electrical appliances from the power outlets
  2. The landlords can not be held responsible for damage to electrical and electronic devices, PCs, printers, owned by the tenant.
  3. The personal effects of the renter is not covered by fire insurance of the landlord. (See also notice in the rental contract)
  4. All rooms and common areas are equipped with fire alarms. The fire station is located on the ground floor. The automated smoke dome is located in the engine room of the elevator. This works automatically and should never be manually manipulated by tenants.
  5. The fire extinguishers are located on each floor in the communal stairwell at the height of the emergency exit doors.
  6. In case of fire, two flight options are provided: the fixed staircase and a metal ladder at the rear of the building.

Don't lose sight of the following:

  • The sockets are provided for traditional household appliances, do not overload appliances in the same socket, this can overload and result in fire.
  • Extension cords and power strips must be technically in order and approved according to the Belgian standard setting (BENOR standard), NEVER use DOMINOES
  • There may be no changes to the utilities, do not mess with electrical appliances or electrical devices on your own
  • Use of candles and incense sticks are prohibited (fire alarm!)
  • Place halogen at a safe distance from flammable materials,
  • provide adequate ventilation around computers, TVs, hifi installation, ....
  • Never run extension cords across the room, under carpets or in damp areas. Never clamp extension cords between a window or a door.
  • Cooking in the room is prohibited. Keep cooking at a safe distance from flammable materials. Do not leave the cooking devices on when leaving (even for a little while) the kitchen.
  • Flammable materials or other hazardous materials may not be kept in the room or in the dorm

What to do in case of fire?

Emergency telephone number at "112"

Stay calm, do not cause panic, speak clearly and be complete.

  • Use the fire extinguishers, which are represented by icons.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Do not pour water on grease fires. A fire blanket is provided for this in the
  • kitchen.
  • The building is equipped with a fire alarm system and alarm buttons per floor.
  • If you notice smoke or fire: break the glass of the alarm buttons and immediately notify your fellow residents.
  • Make an escape immediately.
  • Close doors (but not locked) and close windows, leave the light burning when leaving the room.
  • When leaving the building, close all opened doors as much as possible
  • Keep a wet cloth in front of mouth and nose to protect the respiratory system.

If the fire alarm is falsely activated, a penalty of 50 euros + repair costs will be charged. If the person responsible does not spontaneous report him/herself, the 50 euro fine + repair cost will be charged pro rata to any resident of the floor where the alarm was activated.

Never block the doors to let friends and acquaintances in and never let strangers slip in through the front door of the dorm